The UPS Store (link to their website)



Our local ups store is just down the road and handles 90% of all our shipping:

We work hand and hand with him to ship your items safely and quickly

35 West Main Street, Ventura CA 93001

  • Ram Manwani at the UPS store:

    • To Provide Faster Better Service use Ram's Cell Phone:

    • email:

    • store phone (805)643-6245

    • Fax: (805)643-7447

    • Call or text Ram Manwani for person service, quotes, issues,

    • 805-766-7238


On  large furnishings Within California and Nevada try Del Mcrea - 831-566-6088,
 he is a great solution for large items -

Nationwide try

Chris Mayer, Quotes

Plycon Transportation Group - Torrance, CA

US DOT# 0331582


Wintersteen trucking (785) 543-5999 (Family owned and operated)

TSC Moving 352-871-2696 (good rates east of the Mississippi)

Vintage Trucking:  (Scott) 413-212-1252

or Arxus Logistics, Global Specialty Transporters
Los Angeles, CA
(800) 721-2006

  • for Premium Shipping Service:

  • Charles Rucker at Box Brothers: 

  • or

  • call 800.842.6937.

  • Website: